Woman surrounded by stickered surfaces

Hej, I'm Connie.

I'm a designer with an engineering background who loves exploring and trying out different mediums. In the past, I've designed Neopets guilds and Xanga themes, but more recently I've created an IoT robot band, an AR art installation, and a critical dress-up game. I'm now finishing off my interaction design master's program with a thesis project in voice interaction at Volvo Cars. Currently, I'm looking for opportunities where I can apply my skills and knowledge to create delightful, thoughtful interactions and experiences after graduation (June 2019).

If you're interested in working together or just want to chat, my inbox is always open at hello@connienguyen.com

You can also find me at elsewhere on the internet:
LinkedIn / Instagram / Spotify

Here are a few of my (current) favorite things

I'm interested in plants, making my own pottery, and swimming when Swedish weather allows it. I also like to work to music, so below is a playlist of my latest favorites.

  • Two hands each holding a potted plant.
  • Swimming dock.