My name is Connie and I'm an interaction designer and maker who loves solving human problems.

I have always been a problem solver and maker whether it's creating and hosting my own blog when I was 11 or handcrafting my own Cousin Itt costume since no commercial ones exist (see below). My love of problem solving and cracking puzzles led me to study Computer Science. I enjoyed a brief career as a Software Engineer working with clients at a studio where I realized I prefer solving human problems rather than software ones. Now I use my coding background to create functional prototypes, usually with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

As a designer, I like to take a user-centered approach and I do this through research, modelling, requirements, prototyping, and evaluation. I tailor my methods to the project and I am always up for a challenge or trying something new. I believe good design should support users in whatever they're doing whether it's reaching inbox zero or catching virtual fish in Animal Crossing.

If you'd like to get in touch or talk about what good design means to you, just send me an email at conniednguyen@gmail.com.

Cousin Itt costume

This Cousin Itt costume took me two days and four and half 5ft long synthetic wigs to make.

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